How To Budget Your Time Wisely

I’ve noticed a new nasty habit of mine that I don’t like. Every morning when I wake up, I roll over to my smartphone and immediately start scrolling through Facebook. Typically my thought process behind this is to read the news, but I end up watching some pretty dumb videos that are not furthering my education at all. 30 minutes later I’m still laying in bed, my morning routine is shot, and I now have to rush to get everything done before leaving for work. I go to bed on the same routine. Plug my phone in, sleep, repeat.

Travel Packing Guide: Weekend Carry On – City Trip

This spring break is going to be a quick one for me, so Oliver and I are about to take a mini trip. We are flying to the East Coast this upcoming weekend and taking day trips to New York and Boston. Since we are flying in to Newark and flying out of Boston, that means we have to pack pretty light. And when I mean light, I mean “let’s try to cram everything in my tote bag” kind of light. Seems impossible, but I think I would much rather carry less stuff then have to drag a suitcase around both cities when we visit. Plus, packing light means saving money on paying for that checked bag! 

If you’re planning on taking a weekend trip and want to save on that checked bag, here’s the small packing list I’m following for my 3-day city trip.

Shop In Your Closet // My 5 Go-To Style Pieces // Vol. 1

Now I know this blog isn’t a fashion blog, because the world is already full with so many style blogs telling you what to wear, how to look, what to buy, so on and so forth. So I’m setting this post in a different kind of light. Instead of telling you what to buy, I want to encourage you to shop in the closet of clothes that you already own. My goal for posting these five go-to pieces are not to have you buy them as well, but to encourage you to choose items that make up YOUR personal style. I want to encourage creativity, not unoriginality.

5 Easy Money Pitfalls/Mistakes Millennials Experience

I figured the most useful piece of information for me right now, and for you, is to give you some insight on the pitfalls that I have experienced with money. Below you will find some typical financial mistakes (some recommended by me, some by some trusted sources), along with the pitfalls I experienced with those financial mistakes as well.

Six Ingredient Turkey & Green Pepper Frittata Recipe

This past weekend, I really, really, wanted brunch. I’m a huge fan of brunch, because every brunch food you could ever think of fall under the category of “my favorite foods.” Yet, going to brunch would mean spending money, and the last thing I wanted to do was get in the cold and go spend money that I didn’t feel like spending in the first place. Hence the experimenting I did in the kitchen, and the creation of this delicious Turkey & Green Pepper Frittata.

Now a frittata is basically a crustless quiche. You could make any quiche dish without the crust, saving you money and the extra calories, and still get the same tasty results. So after a bit of research on how to make a crustless quiche, I decided to try one of my own. I think what made me fall in love with this recipe is the fact that I already owned all the ingredients! Talk about saving great money!

Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

So the day that everyone loves (or possibly dreads) is coming up this weekend, which means it’s time to make plans. For the couples AND the singles, I think it’s hard to plan something fun but also keep the night relatively on budget. Trust me, my boyfriend is excited over the fact that I’m totally 100% okay for him cooking a meal for me and spending a night in because one, it’s cheap, and two, it’s way less stressful. So I figured for all of you who need some ideas for plans this weekend, whether dating or single, here are a few to get the ball rolling.

Why you should be a minimalist

Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you haven’t, but the concept of minimalism has been a popular one in a world that prides on materialism and self-gratification. People around the globe are adopting minimalist values in all types of forms. Whether it be style, interior design, or even household or personal possessions, it has become a popular fad to chose the phrase “less is more.” This trend is especially true for millennials

Top Free Online Reads For Millennial Women

In a world full of Buzzfeed quizzes and “10 Reasons To Why Elite Daily Rules,” finding free quality reads for millennials is hard to come by. As the millennial generation starts to seriously enter the workforce, it seems they crave advice when it comes to more responsible matters such as career, finances, wellness, and even news. Goldman Sachs put together an extensive media development about millennials and focused on matters that millennials are starting to care about, and having quality publications to turn to is going to be powerful in the development of this generation.