Why Time Alone is Key for Relationships (Especially for Introverts)

Oliver & I were sitting in this small park in Berkeley on our honeymoon, sharing a delicious lunch from this french take-out place around the corner when we started talking about how tired we were. It wasn’t exactly the exhausted energy that comes from having an adventurous day, it was more of a people tired. We had spent every waking moment together since we said “I Do,” and we started to notice how tired it was trying to entertain the other constantly. 

How to Save Money While Traveling

It may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s actually possible to save money while on vacation. How? It’s simple, spend less. That could seem impossible, but if there’s anything Oliver & I recently learned when it comes to traveling, spending lots of money doesn’t actually render a better time spent on vacation. We found that staying away from the tourist traps and exploring the hidden gems is actually way more worthwhile, and gives you an even more honest depiction of the culture coming from that particular area. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your stress level decreases when following these money tips. Here’s a few from us:

An OKay Life Update

September has been an easier month than August, at least on my end. August was a lot of transition. We spent the first couple of days on our honeymoon in San Francisco, then halfway through the month said goodbye to all of our friends in Chicago. Then it’s off to NYC where we immediately transition into this new life. I get asked to start doing some freelance work literally the day after we moved in, which of course starting a 9-5 after so much transition was A LOT for my tiny, emotional self. To top it all off, I started having my stomach issues. Needless to say, August (and the beginning of September) were really hard for us.

The Perfect Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Schedule for 2

Living in a tiny home for two? For us, the emphasis is certainly on *tiny* #thanksNYC. However, there are always pros for the cons, and when it comes to small studios that means the amount of cleaning (or lack of cleaning) that we have to do for our space is incredible. I like to take time on my weekends to clean up the apartment, and with a small space such as ours it takes me just over an hour to get through my entire list.

After a few years of living with roommates and getting situated with another person, I have created a seamless cleaning schedule that makes sure to cover all of my bases. I thought it would be helpful for others to share the cleaning schedule that we now implement in our OKay household. Plus, what better way to do that but through an infographic?

6 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

One of the things that Oliver & I absolutely adore doing together is cooking. We love to plan out recipes, grocery shop, cook together, pair our meats with wines, and evaluate new meals for our collection of “married people” meals. Ever since the wedding (which I can proudly say we cooked quite a bit on our honeymoon), we have noticed a decline in our budget when it comes to groceries. This, of course, meant we had to start getting creative with our cooking adventures. Here’s a few tips that we have gathered (both during our time dating and marriage) when it comes to saving money in the kitchen.

5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Body

These past few weeks (honestly since the wedding) I have had some pretty awful stomach issues. Pains, nausea, vomiting, you name it. Sorry to be graphic, but after seeing a stomach doctor and getting an endoscopy done I found out that it all came from stress. Friends I stressed myself out so much during wedding season that I actually irritated my stomach! At first we were scared it was an ulcer, but luckily it’s just inflammation. I have to be on medicine for the next three months, which I am super thankful for. But it all could have been avoided if I just relaxed a bit and took care of myself…instead of worrying about every single minuscule detail.

After my endoscopy I actually sat down to reflect on the different health issues in my life that I have been avoiding. Things that don’t seem like a big deal now, but looking back I am not realizing that my body needs me to treat it well. I only get one body, and that means I should start listening to my aches and pains and treating them with better care.

Here are a few of the things that I reflected on that need some change:

Capsule Wardrobe: Early Fall 2016

This is how my mornings have been lately. I get up, have coffee with my amazing husband, read the news, then stress for way too long about what I’m going to wear to work that day. I work in Soho, which if you’re not familiar is probably one of the most fashionable plates in the country. It’s full of people shopping, but also full of really beautiful people going to work. My first day down there I felt very out of place. So every morning I take too much time planning an outfit and stressing over not looking good enough for Soho. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Some honest truths about getting married & moving in together

If you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately I’m sure you think my life is pretty much perfect. Married the handsome guy, traveled around, moved to an exciting city, creating a home together, and things of that nature. I have to be honest though, lately I’ve had a hard time posting because moving somewhere new has been kind of hard. People make it seem so glamorous in social media, but now that I’ve had a harder look at such a huge move with someone else isn’t all butterflies and daisies. Reality check! It’s messy, complicated, frustrating, and even sometimes kind of lonely. So yes, it’s a bit hard for me to post on Instagram because life isn’t that glamorous right now, and here’s why.