How To Cook Meatballs & Italian Meatball Recipe

My first official cooking guide for all of you, woohoo!First, let me start off by saying this. I am not a professional cook. I have no degree. I have no chef-ing experience. I just love to cook and create my own variation for recipes – and have a desire to share them with all of you. I haven’t poisoned my husband yet with my cooking, so I take that as a good sign.

5 Ways To Wear a Black Dress

Right before I turned 24, my parents came into the city and treated me to a day of shopping. We hit up a ton of stores around Union Square and Soho, but for some reason it was a total bust. Except for the new Kate Spade purse my dad bought me (praise), I wasn’t able to find any good clothes. Nothing seemed to fit right, even when they were my size. Too loose. Too tight. Too short. Too long. After at least 5 different stores, we just gave up and got a drink.

10 New Ways on How to Start Living Minimally

I’ve been thinking a lot about minimalism. I know some of you that ship has already sailed. But honestly, the more I think about it, I believe minimalism can easily be the secret ingredient to living a thriftier, healthier, and happier life. Think about it; the less you own, the less you have to worry about, the less money you spend. When it comes to your house, your closet, even your choices at the grocery store – giving yourself less options can actually open you up to some freedom in the long run.

An O+K Life Update: January 2017

Six months. Half a year. Wow was that really six months ago that we said ‘I Do?’ (actually, we said ‘I will’). So much of our normal every day life has changed since moving to New York City that it almost feel like years have gone by. Imagining our lives before getting married feels like a dream almost, and now I’m living in this beautiful fantasy world of being with Oliver every single day. 

My Night Time Routine & Why You Should Have One

Ever since I started setting three tasks for my day, I find that my evenings are starting to become stress-free. When I finally check off task number three, my body feels relaxed and I slump right into my nighttime routine. Yes my routine is simple, but I have found that by doing some of these simple things I am able to fall into a full night of incredible sleep, waking up the following morning actually feeling refreshed and ready for my day.

Why You Should Take Up A Hobby

First, let me start off by saying that I absolutely had 100% no idea what to write today. Some days when it comes to my blog, I feel really good about the content that I produce to my readers. Other days I contemplate if anyone is actually listening, taking my advice, or even cares about what I do. I want to desperately serve you (even if that number of readership is small) and yet, still feel insecure about the fact that I do all of this work, hit the publish button, and just kind of hope someone is stumbling upon my work.