How to Attempt a Healthy Work-Life Balance Without Going Crazy

I finally did it—my dreams finally came true. After years of studying, writing, reading, and even some praying and wishing, I landed my dream job: I am officially a magazine editor in New York City. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 15 (which, of course, I wanted desperately to be an editor of Seventeen back then, but alas, things change), and I can’t help but look back and marvel at the crazy adventure it has been so far.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Time

Last week my best friend Rachel came to visit us. She was on spring break (she’s a Chicago Public School teacher) and decided to take a visit to NYC & D.C. for her vacation. Typically, when people come to visit a popular place, they want to do all of the popular tourist things. In the case of NYC, that would be Times Square, Rockafeller Center, and of course, Central Park. Since NYC is such a destination hub, I have evidently done these touristy things multiple times so far this year…and obviously, I’m a little sick of it. So when Rachel’s visit came around, I asked her if we could avoid as much tourist stuff as possible.

Very Berry Smoothie Recipe

It is finally smoothie weather people! Maybe you’re the type of person who drinks smoothies all year round, but for me smoothies mean spring and summertime. So I was stoked to blend one of my signature smoothies this weekend, which I’m going to share this recipe with all of you!

Spring Wardrobe Cleaning Tips & Shop My Closet!

Every spring, I plop all of my clothes on the bed and sift through what to keep and not keep. It’s been a tradition of mine since I started shopping for my own clothes back in middle school – mostly because that meant giving myself more room for new clothes. Now it just means living extra minimally…and potentially making some money while doing it. 

My Favorite Go-To Cooking Utensils

Happy Friday everyone! So how many of you have been keeping up with my weekly meal plans? My hope with this service to teach you how to actually cook at home that will healthfully fuel your body, and put some money back in your pockets. However, I’m sure if cooking is still new to you that maybe you don’t have a ton of cooking utensils. Sure maybe you have a pot or two, a frying pan, and the oven at your apartment. But there are so many cooking utensils out there these days that it kind of feels like you need, well, everything.

Why I Used Only One Purse for an Entire Year

So back in October 2015 I was totally sick of all my purses. I was the definition of a purse hoarder – always buying a new cheap purse and racking up my collection, with zero room to put them all. Nevertheless, since I was buying cheap purses they were always falling apart. I’ve had so many straps rip, inner-linings tear, and zippers fall apart after using them on a regular basis. Also, with using multiple purses all week, I was leaving important stuff in different purses that I would need…such as my subway card, my I.D, even my whole wallet from time-to-time.