How to Save Money While Traveling

It may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s actually possible to save money while on vacation. How? It’s simple, spend less. That could seem impossible, but if there’s anything Oliver & I recently learned when it comes to traveling, spending lots of money doesn’t actually render a better time spent on vacation. We found that staying away from the tourist traps and exploring the hidden gems is actually way more worthwhile, and gives you an even more honest depiction of the culture coming from that particular area. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your stress level decreases when following these money tips. Here’s a few from us:

6 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

One of the things that Oliver & I absolutely adore doing together is cooking. We love to plan out recipes, grocery shop, cook together, pair our meats with wines, and evaluate new meals for our collection of “married people” meals. Ever since the wedding (which I can proudly say we cooked quite a bit on our honeymoon), we have noticed a decline in our budget when it comes to groceries. This, of course, meant we had to start getting creative with our cooking adventures. Here’s a few tips that we have gathered (both during our time dating and marriage) when it comes to saving money in the kitchen.

How to apply discipline to a budget

Okay so here’s the thing. Despite the fact that these past few weeks have been busy with finishing grad school and what not, I have to admit that I was just embarrassed to write anything on this blog. To be real, budgeting has been extremely difficult and I didn’t want to admit to everyone how terribly awful I am at doing this. So naturally, I would just pretend this blog doesn’t exist and try to move on.

However, in a few weeks I am getting married and moving to New York City with my soon-to-be. With the wedding around the corner and trying to plan finances for the future, I am realizing that my budget is so incredibly important and I need to be disciplined in not only that, but many other areas of my life. Looking back at all the projects or even assignments from my past, I realize that I’m great at vision but stink at disciplining myself to keeping up with it. Not just budgeting, but even blogging too. My life needs more discipline, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. 

If you’re anything like me then you probably need some discipline in a few areas of life as well. Here’s a few reasons to why discipling is so, so important.