An O+K Update: August 2017

Although I would love to say “wow, Summer has gone by so fast,” I’m seriously ready for it to be over. Why? Because I am very, very, VERY done with sweating. Seriously. It’s aRead more >

An O+K Life Update: January 2017

Six months. Half a year. Wow was that really six months ago that we said ‘I Do?’ (actually, we said ‘I will’). So much of our normal every day life has changed since moving to New York City that it almost feel like years have gone by. Imagining our lives before getting married feels like a dream almost, and now I’m living in this beautiful fantasy world of being with Oliver every single day. 

An OKay Life Update: November 2016

I can’t believe we’ve been married for four months, and living in NYC for more than three. If anything, life has felt completely unfamiliar these past few weeks. Getting used to a new city, making new friends…it seriously has been a challenge. However, seeing Oliver create music and do what he loves at school makes the adventure all the more worth it.

An OKay Update: October 2016

I can’t believe October is actually over. It came and went so fast. Probably because most of it is a blur…I have never spent more time in one month sitting on the couch watching numerous hours of Gilmore Girls, knitting, and reading Harry Potter. Why? Well I still don’t have a job.

An OKay Life Update

September has been an easier month than August, at least on my end. August was a lot of transition. We spent the first couple of days on our honeymoon in San Francisco, then halfway through the month said goodbye to all of our friends in Chicago. Then it’s off to NYC where we immediately transition into this new life. I get asked to start doing some freelance work literally the day after we moved in, which of course starting a 9-5 after so much transition was A LOT for my tiny, emotional self. To top it all off, I started having my stomach issues. Needless to say, August (and the beginning of September) were really hard for us.

An OKay Life Update

If you haven’t already heard, here’s a small life update. On July 29, 2016, I married the love of my life. The really attractive guy in this photo? That’s my husband, Oliver Hickman. He’s pretty incredible and I’m super happy to be sharing the rest of my life with him.