Cheap Hangs in San Francisco All Under $20

As some of you may know, Oliver & I spent our honeymoon in San Francisco. We had a blast exploring the bay area, hitting up the city as well as wine country, Berkeley, and even hiking in the Redwood City. We loved our little journey and took lots of notes throughout the trip on what we enjoyed, what to avoid, and how to save money while traveling.

If you’re taking a trip to San Francisco any time soon, here’s a few cheap hangs from us to you:


Norman’s Ice Cream & Freezes

Although The Fisherman's Wharf was not our favorite place in the world, it was cool to discover this small ice cream shop inside The Cannery, an old Del Monte can factory converted into a small shopping center. Great places to eat and walk around, and also quiet from the craziness happening over at the Wharf.

Bi-Rite Creamery

There's also Bi-Rite (of course we ate a lot of ice cream, duh), which is also super delicious. Portions are smaller but the ice cream was out of this world.

Dynamo Donuts

People kept recommending Dynamo to us when we got to San Fran, so we gave it a try. The donut flavors are a bit out there...but what donut shop doesn't try to spice it up lately. We went to the stand located in the Mission District, which was one of our favorite places to explore.

Turkey Sandwiches from the Arguello Market

The Arguello Market is actually the birthplace of the original turkey sandwich, so of course, when you go the Arguello Market you get turkey sandwiches. We feasted at Golden Gate State Park, and the sandwiches were so incredibly delicious that I saved the other half to enjoy later.

Philz Coffee

The amount of coffee that this place has is INSANE. It was overwhelming to even choose. If you're coffee fanatics like us and in the Bay Area, go to Philz.

Taqueria El Farolito

Specifically order the Deep Fried Pork tacos, then take them over to Mission State Park for the incredible views.

Views & Things To Do

The Palace of Fine Arts

In search of more donuts (no joke) we came across this beautiful palace. I was completely in awe walking around this place, right outside of Presido. 

Mural viewing in the Mission District

All along the Mission District there are numerous murals painted in small corners and alleys across the neighborhood. I couldn't even believe some of these murals, and wonder how much it costs to live in a house with a mural painted on the garage door. Click here for a full list of murals to explore.

The Conservatory of Flowers (Golden Gate State Park)

This park is SO BIG, but I'm really glad we ended up having our picnic at the conservatory. The flower beds, sculptures, and people watching will make you want to relax all day.

The Beach @ Presido

Most people try to get closer to the bridge, or even bike across the bridge, but Oliver & I didn't want to deal with crazy tourists while honeymooning. Instead, we sat on the beach at Presido and watched as hang gliders took off from the beach into the bay heading straight for the bridge. It was the perfect way to take in such an incredible view. Plus, we drove over the bridge when heading to wine country later in our trip, so we were glad to avoid tourists and still get the same views.

Indie film viewing at the Roxie Theater

For some reason we were in a movie mood, so Oliver found this theater and we saw a small indie movie. We realized afterwards how much we love to watch indie films, and decided to do it more often.

Exploring Haight-Ashbury (Birth place of the Hippy) 

This specific strip located in San Francisco was the birth place of the hippy, specifically the hippy movement that boomed in the 1960's. Walking around the area you can absolutely tell how much that period influenced this specific neighborhood. In particular, we came across numerous record stores and book stores throughout our walk, this being one of the places we ended up hanging out for a while.

Lombard Street

Last, but certainly not least, had to walk up and see the windy Lombard street. Sure another tourist trap, but the views of San Francisco up there was worth the hastle. Plus who could resist climbing a tall hill with a handsome face like his? :)