5 Ways To Wear a Black Dress

Right before I turned 24, my parents came into the city and treated me to a day of shopping. We hit up a ton of stores around Union Square and Soho, but for some reason it was a total bust. Except for the new Kate Spade purse my dad bought me (praise), I wasn’t able to find any good clothes. Nothing seemed to fit right, even when they were my size. Too loose. Too tight. Too short. Too long. After at least 5 different stores, we just gave up and got a drink.

The Five Minute Outfit Guide: Work (Winter)

The other day I was frantically scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out what the heck to wear to work. I needed something – and something fast. Something that took, you could say, five minutes. As I was scrolling through my boards I came upon an old idea of mine that I published a very long time ago: The Five Minute Outfit Guide.

Carry On Packing Guide: Volume 2 // Thanksgiving

A while back I made a carry-on packing guide that was to help me pack less on a trip to NYC with Oliver (evidently that was the trip we decided to move here), and it blew up on Pinterest! Turns out people want a simple packing guide for weekend trips! Having a small amount to pack in a carry-on back means saving a good chunk of change that would have been spent checking a back.

Capsule Wardrobe: Early Fall 2016

This is how my mornings have been lately. I get up, have coffee with my amazing husband, read the news, then stress for way too long about what I’m going to wear to work that day. I work in Soho, which if you’re not familiar is probably one of the most fashionable plates in the country. It’s full of people shopping, but also full of really beautiful people going to work. My first day down there I felt very out of place. So every morning I take too much time planning an outfit and stressing over not looking good enough for Soho. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Travel Packing Guide: Weekend Carry On – City Trip

This spring break is going to be a quick one for me, so Oliver and I are about to take a mini trip. We are flying to the East Coast this upcoming weekend and taking day trips to New York and Boston. Since we are flying in to Newark and flying out of Boston, that means we have to pack pretty light. And when I mean light, I mean “let’s try to cram everything in my tote bag” kind of light. Seems impossible, but I think I would much rather carry less stuff then have to drag a suitcase around both cities when we visit. Plus, packing light means saving money on paying for that checked bag! 

If you’re planning on taking a weekend trip and want to save on that checked bag, here’s the small packing list I’m following for my 3-day city trip.

Shop In Your Closet // My 5 Go-To Style Pieces // Vol. 1

Now I know this blog isn’t a fashion blog, because the world is already full with so many style blogs telling you what to wear, how to look, what to buy, so on and so forth. So I’m setting this post in a different kind of light. Instead of telling you what to buy, I want to encourage you to shop in the closet of clothes that you already own. My goal for posting these five go-to pieces are not to have you buy them as well, but to encourage you to choose items that make up YOUR personal style. I want to encourage creativity, not unoriginality.