Lessons on Marriage, Money, and What’s Truly Important

It was my first day of work. I was lead over to a work space near the rest of the team – a simple, yet pretty good-sized, desk. In the past when approached with a space like this I’ve been told “well, you’ll share this with other interns,” or “you’re just here for now.” But this time, I was told that this very desk was mine for the keeping.

Why Time Alone is Key for Relationships (Especially for Introverts)

Oliver & I were sitting in this small park in Berkeley on our honeymoon, sharing a delicious lunch from this french take-out place around the corner when we started talking about how tired we were. It wasn’t exactly the exhausted energy that comes from having an adventurous day, it was more of a people tired. We had spent every waking moment together since we said “I Do,” and we started to notice how tired it was trying to entertain the other constantly. 

Some honest truths about getting married & moving in together

If you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately I’m sure you think my life is pretty much perfect. Married the handsome guy, traveled around, moved to an exciting city, creating a home together, and things of that nature. I have to be honest though, lately I’ve had a hard time posting because moving somewhere new has been kind of hard. People make it seem so glamorous in social media, but now that I’ve had a harder look at such a huge move with someone else isn’t all butterflies and daisies. Reality check! It’s messy, complicated, frustrating, and even sometimes kind of lonely. So yes, it’s a bit hard for me to post on Instagram because life isn’t that glamorous right now, and here’s why.

Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

So the day that everyone loves (or possibly dreads) is coming up this weekend, which means it’s time to make plans. For the couples AND the singles, I think it’s hard to plan something fun but also keep the night relatively on budget. Trust me, my boyfriend is excited over the fact that I’m totally 100% okay for him cooking a meal for me and spending a night in because one, it’s cheap, and two, it’s way less stressful. So I figured for all of you who need some ideas for plans this weekend, whether dating or single, here are a few to get the ball rolling.