Get Healthy Fast: My Quick Recipe For A Healthier & Happier Week

Hey everyone! Okay I know it’s been two weeks since my last post. I mean, woah, I was doing really well there for a moment. Work has been busy (which, I’m loving by the way) and I’m still learning what it looks like to balance all of it. So forgive me, my faithful and dedicated readers!

My Night Time Routine & Why You Should Have One

Ever since I started setting three tasks for my day, I find that my evenings are starting to become stress-free. When I finally check off task number three, my body feels relaxed and I slump right into my nighttime routine. Yes my routine is simple, but I have found that by doing some of these simple things I am able to fall into a full night of incredible sleep, waking up the following morning actually feeling refreshed and ready for my day.

Why You Should Take Up A Hobby

First, let me start off by saying that I absolutely had 100% no idea what to write today. Some days when it comes to my blog, I feel really good about the content that I produce to my readers. Other days I contemplate if anyone is actually listening, taking my advice, or even cares about what I do. I want to desperately serve you (even if that number of readership is small) and yet, still feel insecure about the fact that I do all of this work, hit the publish button, and just kind of hope someone is stumbling upon my work.

Thoughts On Living in the Present

I come from this beautiful picturesque small beach village called Niantic. It sits on the Long Island sound in southeastern Connecticut – an easy drive from Boston & NYC. The village is lined with beaches, has a beautiful main street filled with small boutiques and cafes, and a small gazebo at the center of town; the hub for any townie weekend event. Down main street our town hosts holiday strolls, farmer markets, numerous parades. However, none compare to the infamous East Lyme Day, which is basically a humongous block party where Main Street is shut down every third Saturday of July with fun food, large discounts, and fireworks on the beach at night. It’s especially beautiful watching them from a boat on the bay.

How to Hike On Your Own & Why it’s Empowering

Hey everyone! This is the first guest post written by my very good friend, Emily Creek. She recently moved to the mountains and has some spectacular tips on how to be properly prepped when it comes to hiking by yourself, and also the tremendous growing experience that comes with it. If you’re also interested in writing on An OKay Life, feel free to submit some ideas!

Thoughts that swirled in my head when I decided to move from Chicago to Denver: “Ahhhh yes! So many places to hike and camp on days off this is so good.”

You see, the good ol’ outdoors are where I find my peace and release from stress. And physical activity balances me out, so I was feeling ready for this new lifestyle.