Spring Wardrobe Cleaning Tips & Shop My Closet!

Every spring, I plop all of my clothes on the bed and sift through what to keep and not keep. It’s been a tradition of mine since I started shopping for my own clothes back in middle school – mostly because that meant giving myself more room for new clothes. Now it just means living extra minimally…and potentially making some money while doing it. 

Why I Used Only One Purse for an Entire Year

So back in October 2015 I was totally sick of all my purses. I was the definition of a purse hoarder – always buying a new cheap purse and racking up my collection, with zero room to put them all. Nevertheless, since I was buying cheap purses they were always falling apart. I’ve had so many straps rip, inner-linings tear, and zippers fall apart after using them on a regular basis. Also, with using multiple purses all week, I was leaving important stuff in different purses that I would need…such as my subway card, my I.D, even my whole wallet from time-to-time.

10 New Ways on How to Start Living Minimally

I’ve been thinking a lot about minimalism. I know some of you that ship has already sailed. But honestly, the more I think about it, I believe minimalism can easily be the secret ingredient to living a thriftier, healthier, and happier life. Think about it; the less you own, the less you have to worry about, the less money you spend. When it comes to your house, your closet, even your choices at the grocery store – giving yourself less options can actually open you up to some freedom in the long run.

Why I Only Set Three Tasks For My Day: My Three-Task Rule

It was 4:30 p.m. I just finished a shift for work and, after scrolling through my Instagram for thirty minutes, I felt anxious and shameful. Why? Because I wasn’t getting anything done in my to-do list. I mean, I just got off work and spent time to decompress – which in any other eyes seems completely normal. So why in the world was I feeling so shameful for it?

How To Make A Budget And Actually Keep It Throughout The Year

We are only a few days (heck, few hours) into 2017 and I’m sure you’re already feeling a little anxious about those goals you set. How easy let ourselves slip from those goals we set at the beginning of the year. Yes, they feel exciting at first, but even after a few days in I’m sure they can feel tiresome and you question all reasons to why you create new year’s resolutions in the first place. Especially if your goal was to spend less or be better with money. My friend, let me help you out a little bit!