How to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Time

Last week my best friend Rachel came to visit us. She was on spring break (she’s a Chicago Public School teacher) and decided to take a visit to NYC & D.C. for her vacation. Typically, when people come to visit a popular place, they want to do all of the popular tourist things. In the case of NYC, that would be Times Square, Rockafeller Center, and of course, Central Park. Since NYC is such a destination hub, I have evidently done these touristy things multiple times so far this year…and obviously, I’m a little sick of it. So when Rachel’s visit came around, I asked her if we could avoid as much tourist stuff as possible.

Very Berry Smoothie Recipe

It is finally smoothie weather people! Maybe you’re the type of person who drinks smoothies all year round, but for me smoothies mean spring and summertime. So I was stoked to blend one of my signature smoothies this weekend, which I’m going to share this recipe with all of you!