An O+K Update: August 2017

Although I would love to say “wow, Summer has gone by so fast,” I’m seriously ready for it to be over. Why? Because I am very, very, VERY done with sweating. Seriously. It’s a problem. So goodbye August, won’t miss your unbearable heat at all.

But for a month in the city? Yeah, I can’t complain much. If sweating and crowded trains are the only things I’m complaining about right now, I would say that’s a huge accomplishment. It has certainly been a fun month in the Hickman household. No, not because we’ve done anything special. It’s because we simply lived a full month in our neighborhood, enjoyed the weekends, worked hard, saw friends, and did life in Brooklyn. It’s something that Oliver challenges me to do every day—to pause more where we are at and enjoy it. And boy, do I.

Sure there are the hard times, like when my bestie got engaged and I couldn’t be there…or the fact that this was the only photo I really could get of Oliver this month. But, life never promised to be easy. It just promised to be worth it. Which is something I have come to understand after a full year of living in New York City. Like, woah, it’s been a year of marriage and a year in Brooklyn. Holy cow.

Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

Right after getting back from our vacation in Minnesota, Oliver and I decided to hit up the Farmer’s Market in Ditmas Park during a lazy Sunday afternoon. It started off with some biscuits and coffee at my new fave spot, Windsor Coffee, and then off to do some picking over at the market. I can’t get enough of these berries lately. Or ever, for that matter…

One of our good friends here, Derek (the drummer), played a small show with his band along the Gowanus canal. It was such a typical Brooklyn experience it almost made me cry with joy. The show was held in a secluded part of this parking lot where a ton of NYC tourist buses park during the evenings. Lights were hung, candles lit, drinks served, burgers eaten. It was surreal. Without Derek and his amazing wife, Danielle, we probably wouldn’t ever have cool things to do. Yay for having awesome couple friends!

The next day, I was invited by another one of my good friends, Carleigh, to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and touring at Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn. It’s located on a pier in Red Hook with incredible views, and right around the corner from Brooklyn Crab. Such a fun afternoon of booze and seafood.

Since we were busy traveling and getting back from vacation on our actual anniversary, Oliver and I waited to celebrate until a bit later. Well, I waited and sort of surprised him. One day when I got off early for a Summer Friday, I devised a small plan to surprise him. I laid out a nice outfit, wrote him a love letter, and told him to meet me at our favorite bar for a drink. Once he got home and did exactly what I told him, he met me at Hinterlands where I was wearing his favorite dress (besides my wedding gown), and all the accessories I was wearing the day of our wedding. We went to this delicious restaurant called Atrium Dumbo and enjoyed cocktails at Pilot, an oyster bar that is no joke located on a boat at Pier 6.

I kept telling myself that I wanted to volunteer more and get involved with my community but didn’t actually take that step until this month. I had the opportunity to volunteer with Mother to Mother, an amazing community group that provides resources for families in the Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge areas of Brooklyn. They teach all types of classes to women on Tuesdays, which of course I am never able to attend because of work. But one Saturday this month, they actually put together backpacks full of supplies for students in the area that are heading back to school. I was able to help distribute those backpacks to very excited kids. It was so fun.

Plus, how can you not get a picture of the outside of this building when it looks like that?!?

Okay yes, I complain about sweating all the time, but how could you not want to have a picnic dinner when the park is just so darn close to your apartment?!? I put together an easy Trader Joe’s meal, packed some cheese and bread, a little cocktail, and we headed to the park for an evening.

For the last bit of the month, we were able to catch up with two of our faves from Chicago—Courtney & Sawyer. Sawyer was one of Oliver’s roommates before we got married, so during that time of wedding planning and such we all got very close. Courtney & Sawyer took our engagement photos, and even helped us move into our place here in NYC. They are photographers, and probably some of the most creative people I have ever met. They even inspired me to pull out my camera, which now looking at this cute photo of them, I’m kind of stumped why it’s taken me this long to do it since moving to NYC…

We spent a few days with them exploring all corners of the city, like this really fun s’mores bar on the Upper East Side, and some afternoons at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Central Park.

Summer in the city is hot, that’s for sure, but I guess it’s super fun after having a month like that.

Until next month! – O+K (but let’s get real, mostly K)

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