An O+K Life Update: May 2017

I know it’s been a few months, but don’t worry, Oliver & I are still happily married and loving life…despite the fact that he’s super unhappy with this picture I took. Oliver, I love you, but you are the worst when it comes to taking pictures. Or I just need to get better at taking pictures of him when he’s not looking. Either way, I’m so sad to report that he isn’t in any more of these pictures. Cue the music.

However, I have lots to share from the past month! Here’s what the O+K household looked like during the month of May:

Guys I finally got to try Dō! If you aren’t familiar with the viral videos all over Facebook, Dō is this super famous cookie dough shop in NYC that actually sells cookie dough by the scoop. I gave their Salty & Sweet a try, and it was so rich that I didn’t even finish it. Now if you’re a fan of those viral video on Facebook, that’s totally fine. But this place went so viral that it typically has a wait line of over 2 hours on a daily basis. I lucked out walking by when the line was smaller, only 20 minutes long. But seriously, two hours? The verdict: Would rather make cheaper (and healthier) cookie dough at home. Sorry, Dō.

Thanks to my beautiful friend Carleigh, I was able to see Sara Bareilles in Waitress. And boy, did I cry. Not just tears because the musical was so beautiful – but ugly, sobbing tears because I saw SARA BAREILLES LIVE. She has been my go-to gal commuting on the MTA or driving in the car, and seeing her live (and experiencing the incredible music she wrote for this) got me so emotional. Even if you don’t see her in the role – since she’s done in less than two weeks – I still recommend going. One of the best musicals I’ve seen in a really long time.

At the end of April, I rolled out the Clean Eating Initiative. It’s a guide to help others in trying to make healthier decisions towards their nutrition, specifically when it comes to carbohydrate intake. I will fully admit to all of you that I did not commit to this right away. As I tried to make healthier decisions, I found comfort in the food that I turn to in low points – like toast, cereal, and worst of all, pancakes. Giving these up has been a real challenge for me.

But, here’s why I love being married: No matter how hard something is, I get to have someone cheering me on by my side. Oliver asked me some pretty touch questions about my eating habits, and started to show me where my flaws are towards my relationship with food. At first, I was angry. But then I realized he was doing this out of love, and he is now determined to help me reach my goals. Hence why we have this delicious dinner above – his with the rice, mine with the greens.

So I am happy to report that I am fully invested in the Clean Eating Initiative, and already feeling an immense difference physically.

This month I also came to the conclusion that I’m the worst at taking photos of myself. I love being the one taking the photograph, but truly hate getting behind the camera. It means having to see my flaws and expose them to others, something I’m just not comfortable with. So, this photo is kind of crappy. I have sun in my face, the lighting isn’t wonderful, and I don’t even think i’m looking directly at the camera. But, I got in front of the cameraAnd I hope to do that even more.

With a little bit more confidence, I was able to succeed at two of the challenges I set before myself during Memorial Day Weekend: Eat clean, and get in front of the camera. Oliver & I took my sweet little cousins to the beach around the corner from my house back in Niantic, played in the sand, and took some photos. I was even able to get one of my favorite new photos of myself out if it! After our beach trip, we ate delicious food on the deck, where I was able to say no to all of the bad carbs on display! Seriously, feeling really good about myself lately. Maybe that’s pride? Probably, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling motivated by your goals. And right now, I feel great! Thank you Jesus for a husband that pushes me in the right direction.

Until next month! – O+K (mostly K, obviously, but whatever)

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