Special Announcement! New FREE Weekly Meal Plan Service!

Alright people, I know it's been a while - so forgive me. Been working on a huge project that has been consuming some of my energy. But now it's finished, and I have a video to share with you! I rarely hop in front of a camera and make a video. But I did just for you because it's that big and deserves some screen time! 

Now that you've watched it (or hopefully watched, it or saw it on Facebook, or any other social platform I'm sharing this on because I'm so flipping excited) here's the low down:

How it works:

  • The meal plan comes out on Saturday's in order for you to prep on Sunday...to get ready for Monday, of course.
  • When you open this newsletter every Saturday you will find a new password that will log you onto the platform on my site. The password changes every week, so make sure to get it on my newsletter!
  • Everything is available online, but if you prefer pen & paper for your grocery lists, I have a PDF for you to print each week.
  • Please, please, please tell your friends about this - but be true to the system. I want to be interacting with the people who are a part of my service, so don't share the password. Just tell them to join our community!

Here is what the meal plan includes:

  • 1 lunch recipe for your week days - a big recipe to prep on Sunday and divide into containers for your week.
  • 5 dinner recipes - I'll provide one recipe that is good for two nights, and you get one night off to enjoy your favorite takeout/restaurant!
  • 2 breakfast recipes - one recipe to have during your weekdays, one to enjoy for a weekend brunch.
  • One snack idea - and probably with some variation to that snack so you don't get bored of it!

Are you in? Excited? Ready to stop stressing about your meals and grocery shopping? Sign up below and it's all yours!