An O+K Life Update: January 2017

Six months. Half a year. Wow was that really six months ago that we said ‘I do?’ (actually, we said ‘I will’).

So much of our normal every day life has changed since moving to New York City that it almost feel like years have gone by. Imagining our lives before getting married feels like a dream almost, and now I’m living in this beautiful fantasy world of being with Oliver every single day. Even through our up’s and down’s – being married to him has made the most sense through it all.

It’s been two months since my last update, so I apologize for those of you that have patiently waited to hear how life has been! With the merging of my two sites it was difficult to get regular posts out. Forgive me? As a way to thank you for being so patient, here’s a picture of our tiny little Christmas tree…along with my first attempt at making sugar cookies with homemade icing.

Christmas just the two of us was simple and sweet. We saved presents mailed from relatives to open on Christmas morning and used what would have been money for presents on a huge Christmas dinner. More like feast…I made a lot of food. And we even had drinks. It was magical.

Warning to anyone ever coming to New York City, or living in NYC, during Christmas time: Visit the huge tree at Rockefeller during the day...and never, ever, ever, ever attempt to go on Christmas Eve. If you try, tears will certainly be shed. Letting you know from experience.

New Years Eve we saw Snarky Puppy at the Irving Plaza in Union Square. It was surprisingly fun being in NYC on New Year’s Eve – even though we weren’t even close to Times Square. By the looks of the crowd I don’t think I ever would want to attempt it…

I started my new job at Hearst this month! I am a part-time Social Media Specialist for their Corporate Communications team helping them with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts. At first it was intimidating because they are a huge successful company with a massive following. But after the first week I felt more confident with my work and started to pitch some creative ideas. We have a lot of great things in store coming up.

Shameless plug to get you to follow all of our accounts? Absolutely!

Hearst Twitter // Hearst Facebook // Hearst LinkedIn // Hearst Instagram // HearstLive Instagram

Oliver promised to take me out to this place called Della to celebrate finally getting a full-time job. Two part-time jobs that add up to 38 hours a week counts, right? We found a Groupon and decided to go for it. The place was so cozy and romantic (hellooooo blurry dark picture) and Oliver discovered the blissful taste of a New York Sour.

Oliver’s family (my family? our family? still getting used to it) came to visit us this month! It was our first time seeing them since our wedding day, which in my mind seems crazy that we went that long without seeing them. Again the whole “six months feels like two years” thing going on in my head. We had the opportunity to see a lot of family in 2016 gearing up for the wedding. Weird how after one day everything completely changes in life. Weddings, man.

Our visit with them was packed with all sorts of New York adventures. We ventured to Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle, walked the West Village (where Jesse devoured that huge cookie milkshake from Black Tap), spent time at the 9/11 memorial, enjoyed all sorts of delicious food including NY Style pizza from the famous Ray’s and cheesecake from Junior’s, spent a few hours exploring the Met, and ended the weekend seeing Wicked. We had very tired and sore feet by the end of each day, but very full hearts.

Why is it that I only get Oliver in front of a camera when there’s food?

Because when we can afford to eat out (or have a gift cards from our lovely relatives) it feels like a moment to commemorate on my phone. A blurry yet very happy moment where Oliver salivates over that ridiculously huge mac & cheese burger he ordered. Look at the freaking joy on his face.

I wish I had more to give you guys – but honestly, life has been pretty simple. Oliver is back in school and I work a full day now. We spend our evenings working out, making food, watching Bob’s Burgers, and writing blog entries/composing music. It’s fun finally being in a groove and tangibly pursuing our dreams side-by-side every day. Sure we miss Chicago greatly – but never in my life would I exchange these first six months of marriage for anything else. I have learned how patient and loving my husband is towards my moody, grumpy, sinful lifestyle – and discovered ways that I can be a better wife to him in moments where I just want to scream at his face.

Until next time! – O + K

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