An O+K Update: Year One

It’s officially been a year of marriage – and we are heading into year two! Wow, does time fly or what?

There is absolutely no doubt that this year has been a challenging one. Oliver & I have not only learned a ton about each other, but had to experience so much hardship side-by-side—unemployment, new city, new friends, empty wallets, and so much more. Yes, it has been challenging, but looking back, it was one of incredible growth. We’re going into year two knowing that things will still be hard, that marriage is a challenge and we need to work at it and fight for each other no matter what. Yes, it will always be a challenge, but it will always be worth it.

This past week we spend lounging at Ten Mile Lake in Minnesota with Oliver’s family, and it was the perfect way to end our first year of marriage together. We relaxed, we laughed, we swam, we cried, and we discussed what we want our year two to look like. I’m excited for the next year ahead, and for adventuring more into this life with my forever babe.

Here are some of my favorite moments from our first year together as the Hickmans:

Even though you are watching me put this together right now, love you Oliver <3 thanks for being the BEST.

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