An O+K Life Update: February 2017

I know some people absolutely loathe the month of February, but people, February is my favorite month of all time. Why? Well, it’s my birthday month, duh.

Now it’s not because I’m selfish and love when people pay attention to me or something, although hearing from all of my friends around the world on my birthday was very special. It really has to do with the fact that I have an excuse to go do some fun things, and see some of my favorite people. Oh, and I guess Valentine’s doesn’t totally suck when you have a husband that completely spoils you.

So here’s what happened in the Hickman studio apartment this month:

The first weekend of February my parents booked a hotel in Brooklyn for the weekend so we could hang out all weekend. During the weekend we ate tons of delicious food at The Regal (Williamsburg) and Toro (near Chelsea Market), went to the Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg, cheesecake at Junior’s, and of course, shopping. We also spent an afternoon at the movies and finally saw La La Land. You know, I was really afraid that the movie would just be super overrated, but honestly, it was cute and well done. One of my new favorites.

My birthday was the following week. 24, woohoo! Oliver kept telling me that he got me the present ever, and would probably never be able to top this one. Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine what that could be. I mean, we’re broke, so what in the world kind of gift did he get that I didn’t notice in our bank account?

Yup, he surprised me with one of my best friends back in Chicago. Here’s how it went down: I got home from work on Friday, and when I walked in Oliver had a huge smile on his face. He handed me a binder that had all of these fun things to do during the weekend. A dance class at Broadway Dance Center, along with a free bottle of wine and small plates at this really fun wine bar called Therapy in Bed-Sty in Brooklyn. And then the last page had my wedding day picture with one of my bridesmaids, Chené, with the caption: “All with Chené!”

Then she popped out from behind our bed. I screamed, cried, and was totally overwhelmed. And it was the best weekend I’ve had in I don’t even know how long. Thanks Chené 🙂

You know, Oliver really isn’t a lucky bloke. He has my birthday on the 10th, and then Valentine’s four days later. And a wife that is very adamant about making sure they are two separate holidays. None of this combining holiday nonsense.

Knowing this, our first year of dating he decided to cook dinner for me on Valentine’s Day (since we spent lots of money out a few days before that). And since then, him cooking for me became a Valentine’s tradition. This year it was French inspired, starting with a French Onion Soup for an appetizer and a dinner of Steak Frites. Dessert was a Lemon Cake Pudding with fresh blackberries. Oh, and my gift? Oliver ordered my favorite bottle of red wine that I fell in love with wine tasting on our honeymoon in California.

No, you can’t have him, he’s all mine.

We also had the opportunity to grab dinner with one of Oliver’s friends from high school, Nathan. Nathan is pretty awesome – we enjoyed burgers and cheesecake (because Oliver & I can’t seem to not take people to Junior’s anytime they are in town), and Nathan gave us a mug from Magnolia as a present. Well, because he lives in Waco and works there. So cool, right? Thanks for dinner, Nathan!

Noah, Oliver’s brother, was here for a weekend to perform at Carnegie Hall with his choir! It was the coolest thing. The conductor for this piece performed at Carnegie was actually the choir director at Noah’s school, Wartburg College.

After the concert we didn’t feel like waiting on the train for an hour before eating at home, so we walked into this dingy little diner in Midtown. And of course, it was an incredible find. New York City is magical that way. Can you tell Oliver was so happy that I wanted to take his picture?

The following weekend my mom had the crazy idea of heading up to Clinton, New York for Brendan’s first games of his lacrosse season at Clarkson. She bought me tickets from NYC to Niantic on Friday, we drove a total of 9 hours on Saturday (4.5 hours each way, mind you) to see him play. So exhausted after, but totally worth it. He attempted to not look surprised, but we knew he was.

This next month is going to be a busy one for us. Oliver is working on a bunch of pieces for school, and I’m going to have a few heavier work weeks. But we’re not complaining.

Until next month! – O +K

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