The Perfect Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Schedule for 2

Living in a tiny home for two? For us, the emphasis is certainly on *tiny* #thanksNYC. However, there are always pros for the cons, and when it comes to small studios that means the amount of cleaning (or lack of cleaning) that we have to do for our space is incredible. I like to take time on my weekends to clean up the apartment, and with a small space such as ours it takes me just over an hour to get through my entire list.

After a few years of living with roommates and getting situated with another person, I have created a seamless cleaning schedule that makes sure to cover all of my bases. I thought it would be helpful for others to share the cleaning schedule that we now implement in our OKay household. Plus, what better way to do that but through an infographic?

This obviously varies on the type of people you are, so don't feel like this is the end-all-be-all cleaning schedule for you and your spouse (and/or roommate). If you create more trash than Oliver and I do, than maybe a daily purge makes sense! Or even doing laundry more often, or possibly cleaning the sheets less. This is really just a schedule for you to get in a cleaning routine! Hope it is helpful :)