An OKay Update: October 2016

I can’t believe October is actually over. It came and went so fast. Probably because most of it is a blur…I have never spent more time in one month sitting on the couch watching numerous hours of Gilmore Girls, knitting, and reading Harry Potter. Why? Well I still don’t have a job.

Our wedding photos came out this month 🙂 Shout out to Eric Floberg! He does amazing work.

It’s been rough at our house, but we’re learning A LOT about what “for richer and poorer” looks like as a married couple. For example, affording a $10 bottle of wine is absolute heaven on a weekend…and being able to buy all of our groceries for the week under $30 is probably my proudest achievement of all time. But more importantly, we are learning that the amount in our wallets doesn’t change how we feel about each other and our commitments to seeing the other succeed when it comes to our passions in life. Oliver has been heavily involved in my job hunting process. He sends me links all the time when he sees positions online, gives me positive affirmation when I get ‘no’ responses, and always wipes my tears when I just need moments to cry. Too much to say? Probably…but I need to show off the fact that I married the best man in the entire world.

Last week I decided I couldn’t take sitting on the couch anymore (and I haven’t even bothered to work out) so I started adventuring around the city. One day I ventured up to the Belvedere Castle in Central Park, bought a hot dog, and picnicked on the lawn while reading Harry Potter. Another day I spent time writing and reading in the Rose Reading room that re-opened at the New York Public Library. I try to find new coffee shops every once in a while, and keep busy with this blog. Oh, and this month I legally changed my name!! Woohoo!

For Oliver, October has been really busy with school. He actually traveled all the way to Bucknell University in Pennsylvania with a few peers from NYU. He’s been working on a new piece that premiered at this concert for a while now. He also performed a colleague’s piece on guitar. It’s been fun seeing him in composer mode at home; we have sheet music, sound equipment, and instruments everywhere. Sounds insane, but trust me, I love every second of it.

For some reason this is the only photo we took together this month... For some reason this is the only photo we took together this month…

I guess the last thing to say is not being in Chicago right now is really, really, really hard. The Cubs are in the World Series, but of course you probably know that since every inch of the internet is exploding about it. Living so close to Wrigley Field for five years and not being able to be there now is excruciating. I miss my friends. But don’t worry, still cheering here in Brooklyn. GO CUBS GO!!!!

Until next month! – O+K Hickman

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