An OKay Life Update

September has been an easier month than August, at least on my end. August was a lot of transition. We spent the first couple of days on our honeymoon in San Francisco, then halfway through the month said goodbye to all of our friends in Chicago.

Then it’s off to NYC where we immediately transition into this new life. I get asked to start doing some freelance work literally the day after we moved in, which of course starting a 9-5 after so much transition was A LOT for my tiny, emotional self. To top it all off, I started having my stomach issues. Needless to say, August (and the beginning of September) were really hard for us.

Then of course, things started getting way better. Our apartment is starting to feel like home. I know I keep talking about how our space is small, but honestly it’s perfect and I’m madly in love with it. Coming home always feels like a treat and I’m so happy that despite the chaos that NYC is bringing us right now, home feels safe. I can’t wait to get some good pictures and give you a tour! Hopefully next month.

Oliver isn’t a breakfast person, so it’s usually on my own in the mornings. However, this one particular morning I made a huge batch of pancakes for us to try to brighten what ended up being another dark turn. I was in the running for a position for the company that I was freelancing for, but found out recently that securing something full-time wasn’t going to work out. I’m back on the hunt for a job, and if any of you are in the same position as me it’s so easy to feel like all of your hard work in school was for nothing. I know that’s not true, but it runs through my head daily and sometimes I just need pancakes to brighten the mood.

We found a church in Park Slope, which is close to our apartment in Kensington! Right outside the school building where church meets is a weekend farmer’s market. It takes every ounce of self-control to not buy everything on display at these things, but we do like to pick up our weekly produce if we come across a market. No, we did not pick up corn, because Mr. I’m From Iowa said corn really isn’t in season anymore so it’s probably not good. I took his advice, because what the heck do I know about corn.

We try to still keep up our coffee date tradition, despite the craziness of not understanding our schedules or routines right now. This was taken at Steeplechase Coffee around the corner from our studio, and it’s probably one of my favorite new places to hang out. Fun fact about some coffee shops in NYC: They actually encourage people to hang out with each other. They do this by restricting laptop or tablet usage at the front tables, and only people who are working can be located in the back of the room. Not all coffee shops do it, but I’ve seen this method played out in a few shops and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Yay community!

The colors of this station was just too good to not capture, but this moment was a bit sad. Well it was for me; Oliver is a bit stronger than I am these days 😉 I took a trip home for the weekend so I could start clearing out my childhood room. Since Oliver had classes and other things to do, we figured it would be absolute torture for him to come along and watch me cry over all my memories. So this was a brief goodbye. Being apart from him during the weekend ended up being way harder than I thought, and probably would hate to have to do that again.

Hanging out with my family and NOT having to talk about wedding details every 10 minutes was refreshing though, so there were a lot of pros to visiting my small hometown. I grew up in this little beach village (yes, it’s a village inside of a small town) called Niantic. It’s located on the southeastern border of Connecticut, and it’s literally picture perfect. If you’re located in NYC and need a beach getaway (that isn’t Cape Cod) then check out Niantic. It’s so beautiful.

We spent the weekend organizing/donating my old belongings (I was such a hoarder, let me tell you) but also enjoying the sunshine. We took a walk on Friday morning on the boardwalk downtown, and also had the chance of seeing my 5-year-old cousin score 10 goals in his soccer game on Saturday morning. Not kidding, he just pushed people out of the way to get his goals, and anytime he didn’t he was really sad. I think we have the next David Beckham on our hands.

For a two-month celebration I surprised Oliver and took him to this Bob’s Burgers art exhibit taking place at Spoke Art on the Lower East Side. I’m not the biggest fan of Bob’s Burgers, but the artwork was actually really impressive. Oliver enjoyed it quite a bit, and I mean, I would too if it was an exhibit dedicated to Gilmore Girls (maybe next time, Spoke Art??). After the exhibit we got drinks, ice cream, and enjoyed a free concert put on by the PhD students at Oliver’s school. Although it has been an emotional few weeks with not having a job and trying to make new friends, I have to admit, being married to this man and struggling through it with him is still the best decision I’ve ever made.

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