An OKay Life Update

If you haven’t already heard, here’s a small life update. On July 29, 2016, I married the love of my life. The really attractive guy in this photo? That’s my husband, Oliver Hickman. He’s pretty incredible and I’m super happy to be sharing the rest of my life with him.

Things have been crazy this summer, and for good reason. I finished grad school, we planned a baller wedding, and we moved all of our stuff out to New York City. The picture above was taken in Calistoga where we spent part of our honeymoon. For ten days we explored the San Francisco Bay Area, making pit stops in Napa Valley, Berkeley, and the Redwood City (exploring a bit of Palo Alto as well). We had a blast taking time to explore and enjoy each other’s company after such a stressful start to our summer, and we ended up dreaming a bit together on what we (yes a collective WE) would like this online space to be. So we’re changing a few things.

Since our wedding was #anOKaywedding, and we pretty much branded our entire engagement season around that hashtag, we figured it would be fun to upgrade this blog to be called An OKay Life. Don’t worry, those budgeting posts will still be available and I’ll keep writing more budgeting posts since it’s what I enjoy doing. But this space will also include some life updates from us, some insider tips on NYC, and even some things we’ve learned about marriage along the way.

This is the first of many OKay updates, so I figured I would list some things out we’re learning about budgeting and marriage. It’s probably obvious already, but budgeting is scary, difficult, frustrating, and tiring, especially when all you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars of wine in Calistoga. Seriously. That was the worst.

Here’s some things I’m currently experiencing:

I see money completely differently now that I share it with someone else.It’s not mine, it’s ours. Sure it’s kind of an obvious statement, but it hit me hard when figuring out who ways paying for my strawberry scone one morning.

Slow mornings, or evenings, are really okay. Oliver & I are the type of people that love to make the most of our day. Whether that be exploring new places, creating something new, or working on new projects, we both feel the day was well spent if we feel tired at the end of our day. So of course, honeymooning was quite the shift in our current lifestyle. After going crazy wedding planning and moving, with nothing to do but get up, eat, and explore, we felt a little lost for a moment. Yet, we also noticed that taking time to rest (either sleeping in or calling it an early night) gives us energy for quality creative thinking in the future.

Budgeting makes me cry. What has been the most frustrating part about moving and graduating is not working full-time and making money to support us. Oliver recently finished his job in Chicago, so now we’re both unemployed, which makes the bills for NYU feel really scary. This especially feels taxing when we take note of our purchases during our honeymoon. Sometimes I can handle budgeting conversations, but sometimes Oliver ends up doing it on his own because I end up in a puddle of tears. I’m happy to have someone on my side assisting me in all of this now.

Having activities we know we like makes traveling way more fun. We aren’t ones to turn to the tourist attractions, but do what we do best: Book stores, picnics in parks, cooking in our AirBnB, and new coffee shops every morning. It makes our trip actually enjoyable, instead of doing what everyone else says you “should” do. Anyone else experience that?

Following dreams is fun with another person. Throughout this trip we’ve been exploring, but we’ve also been brainstorming a ton of new blog entries. Every new little budgeting tip or detail we experience, Oliver can’t help but say “that should be a blog entry!!” It makes documenting not just my life, but our lives together, even more of a special task.

That’s just a small update for now, excited to give you even more of an inside scoop on traveling on budget, and soon marriage/NYC/pretty much life in general.

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