The life changing magic of tidying up

I’m pretty sure "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo is probably one of the hottest books this summer. Why? Because it freakin' rocks.

If you haven’t heard yet, my fiancé Oliver and I will be moving to New York City once married. Actually, we’re technically moving all of our stuff out there starting July 5, but since the wedding is still in Chicago and we honeymoon in San Fran after that, we technically don’t start living life in NYC until mid-August.

Last week we actually went out there to find a place, and we actually found the cutest studio in Windsor Terrace, located in Northwest Brooklyn. Yes, it’s a studio. Yes, it’s probably the size of your bedroom. But we couldn’t be more excited. We’re right near Park Slope, which is a neighborhood we heart-eye emojii-d all over during our visit. Although we had offers to live in larger apartments farther south, we couldn’t help but pounce on this one as soon as we saw it. So cheers to small spaces and new beginnings.

Any who, I write all of this because I have a lot of crap. Well, used to have a lot of crap, until Marie Kondo seriously changed my life. During our visit I was reading this book and feeling more and more inspired to go through all of my stuff accumulating since my move to Chicago five years ago, and making sure that I really really wanted to squeeze it in our new 14’ by 14’.

As soon as we got back to Chi, I spent the next whole day going through my entire collection of clothes, books, and other miscellaneous items. Two days later I actually ended up with 16 garbage bags of things to get rid of, not even kidding. I sold two bags of it, donated nine bags of clothes and books, and threw our five bags of loose papers and old dusty trinkets. Oliver tried convincing me that I needed to keep all of my stuff, but Marie Kondo was right in saying I feel lighter. PLUS, I have a better handle on all that I own! I can tell you exactly where everything is located in my apartment, and I feel confident in the packing process that is looming around the corner. Oh, and even more confident that we can fit in our tiny space. Excited, actually.

So what does this have to do with budgeting?

Um, everything?? Not even kidding. When going through all of my things I couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of extra band aid boxes, inhalers, tissues, and even gum packs I came across as I emptied storage boxes and other things. Clearing out my space allowed me to see all that I own, and to be honest, I probably don’t need to make a purchase (besides groceries) for quite some time.

I probably sound like a walking free advertisement for this book, but I don’t care. If you want to apply more discipline in your life (and your budget) this book is worth purchasing in your Eat Out/Fun budget. Seriously. Get on it. Now. Go.