How To Budget Your Time Wisely

I’ve noticed a new nasty habit of mine that I don’t like. Every morning when I wake up, I roll over to my smartphone and immediately start scrolling through Facebook.

Typically my thought process behind this is to read the news, but I end up watching some pretty dumb videos that are not furthering my education at all. 30 minutes later I’m still laying in bed, my morning routine is shot, and I now have to rush to get everything done before leaving for work. I go to bed on the same routine. Plug my phone in, sleep, repeat.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what “the abundant budget” really means, and how it means living my life to the fullest while being a good steward of my money. But honestly, I think it also could pertain to being a good steward to everything in my lifestyle – which includes my time management. I want to be back in a morning routine, and turn back to spending time on the things that are going to improve my quality of life further each and every day.

In order to do so, I needed to set some goals on how to budget my time wisely, so here they are.

No internet during the first and last hour of the day.

I want to sit here and set an even harsher limit on my social – spending only 30 minutes on it or something crazy of that nature. But I have a feeling once a harsh goal like that is broken, then it may be hard to try and keep it up. I’m thinking of a smaller goal – giving my brain truly time to wake up and go to sleep each evening, which a relaxed morning such as this could set the tone for the rest of my day.

Choose differently during down time.

I tend to turn to social media, or other forms of procrastination such as Netflix, in order to fill my free time. I have this crazy book list that I want to get through this year, and I haven’t been able to finish a book yet! I want to spend my free time doing the things that I love to do, instead of wasting it away and wishing that I was doing something important. Instead of choosing procrastination as an out for my free time, I want to pursue the things on my “need to do, but no time to do it” list sitting on the stickies of my laptop. Do the same by letting your small bits of down time each day be filled with the things that make you feel accomplished and refreshed.

Create a schedule that works for you.

I think many times people think they need to have a color coded schedule that is super organized in order to be an organized person. Although that works for some (including me, I’m a bit crazy), it truly is not a method for everyone. Take some time to seriously think about how scheduling will work best for you, and what it would like to create a time-prioritizing method that fits with your personality.

Dedicate time for that life passion.

My passion is writing/blogging and I never set time for it. My hope is to set actual time each week in order to write some entries. I have a notebook full of ideas that I want to pursue, but haven’t given myself the time to actually do them. I know blogging and writing require practice and consistency, but if I waste away my time and never use it wisely, I will never be able to achieve the goals that I dream of succeeding.

Be on the computer only when needed.

It’s no uncommon fact; people live on their devices these days. Computers, phones, tablets, you name it. I find myself turning to those things not only when I’m bored, but when I have things to do that I’m avoiding getting done. I think setting specific time slots to be on the computer and work on things will help to prioritize rest time and work time.

Set aside some “me” time.

It’s easy on the weekends to fill it up with hangouts, dates, and other events of that nature. I’ve realized that some of the most refreshing moments for me have been by myself reading, writing, or trying a new recipe. I find myself turning to social media to unwind, but it’s not the thing that makes me feel fully rested. In order to make this happen, make sure to set some white space in your schedule each week (aka, block out hours where there’s nothing for you to do in order to have that “me” time).

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