Budgeting groceries is hard...

Grocery shopping can sometimes be the worst. It means having to figure out what you want to eat every week while trying to stay under budget. Sometimes my go-to reaction is to buy the "usual" without getting creative within my budgeting means...which ends up being massively boring for us every evening. On top of that, our pantry is stocked so high that it makes me sad to think how much I spend and how much I end up not using.

10-for-10 is a meal plan to help you get creative while also keeping under budget. It gives you 10 recipes (breakfast, main dishes, and snacks) with 10 ingredients. Yes, there is a pantry checklist, but the checklist is meant to stay the same every month! This forces you to keep your weekly grocery intake at a minimum while using those 10 chosen ingredients to their fullest potential. 

Oh and it's FREE! So tell your friends!